Surveys in Differential Geometry

Volume 23 (2018)

Differential geometry, Calabi-Yau theory, and general relativity

Lectures given at conferences celebrating the 70th birthday of Shing‑Tung Yau

Editors: Cao; Yau



Huai-Dong Cao

Bottom of spectra and coverings

Werner Ballmann and Panagiotis Polymerakis

pp. 1-33

Unification of the Kähler–Ricci and Anomaly flows

Teng Fei and Duong H. Phong

pp. 89-104

SCFTs, holography, and topological strings

Hirotaka Hayashi, Patrick Jefferson, Hee-Cheol Kim, Kantaro Ohmori, and Cumrun Vafa

pp. 105-211

Recent results on $k$-th Yau algebras over simple elliptic singularities $\tilde{E}_6$

Chuangqiang Hu, Stephen S.-T. Yau, and Huaiqing Zuo

pp. 213-240

Global methods of solving equations on manifolds

Kefeng Liu and Shengmao Zhu

pp. 241-276

Collapsing Calabi–Yau manifolds

Valentino Tosatti

pp. 305-337