Statistics and Its Interface

Newest issue

Volume 17 (2024)

Number 2

Special issue on statistical learning of tensor data


Editorial: Special issue on statistical learning of tensor data

Guanyu Hu, HaiYing Wang, Jing Wu, Anru Zhang, Ming-Hui Chen, and Yuedong Wang

pp. 143-144

Community detection in temporal citation network via a tensor-based approach

Tianchen Gao, Rui Pan, Junfei Zhang, and Hansheng Wang

pp. 145-158

A random projection method for large-scale community detection

Haobo Qi, Hansheng Wang, and Xuening Zhu

pp. 159-172

Multi-way overlapping clustering by Bayesian tensor decomposition

Zhuofan Wang, Fangting Zhou, Kejun He, and Yang Ni

pp. 219-230

Density-convoluted tensor support vector machines

Boxiang Wang, Le Zhou, Jian Yang, and Qing Mai

pp. 231-247

Bayesian methods in tensor analysis

Shi Yiyao and Shen Weining

pp. 249-274

Rank-R matrix autoregressive models for modeling spatio-temporal data

Nan-Jung Hsu, Hsin-Cheng Huang, Ruey S. Tsay, and Tzu-Chieh Kao

pp. 275-290

Model-based statistical depth for matrix data

Yue Mu, Guanyu Hu, and Wei Wu

pp. 305-316