Statistics and Its Interface

Newest issue

Volume 13 (2020)

Number 1


Nonparametric statistical inference and imputation for incomplete categorical data

Chaojie Wang, Linghao Shen, Han Li, and Xiaodan Fan

pp. 17-25

A test on linear hypothesis of $k$-sample means in high-dimensional data

Mingxiang Cao, Peng Sun, Daojiang He, Rui Wang, and Xingzhong Xu

pp. 27-36

Leverage effect in high-frequency data with market microstructure

Huiling Yuan, Yan Mu, and Yong Zhou

pp. 91-101

Copula modeling for data with ties

Yan Li, Yang Li, Yichen Qin, and Jun Yan

pp. 103-117

GPU Accelerated Liquid Association (GALA)

Shinsheng Yuan, Guani Wu, Yu-Cheng Li, Yi-Chang Lu, and Ker-Chau Li

pp. 119-125

Reference Bayesian analysis for the generalized lognormal distribution with application to survival data

Vera L. D. Tomazella, Sandra R. de Jesus, Francisco Louzada, Saralees Nadarajah, and Pedro L. Ramos

pp. 139-149