Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 7 (2014)

Number 1

We dedicate this special issue to Dr. Gang Zheng, a great colleague and dear friend to many of us.


In memoriam: Gang Zheng (May 6, 1965 – January 9, 2014)

Nancy L. Geller and Colin O. Wu

pp. 3-7

Rank-based tests for comparison of multiple endpoints among several populations

Zhengbang Li, Aiyi Liu, Zhaohai Li, and Qizhai Li

pp. 9-18

Semiparametric mixture survival model with application to MRFIT study

Zonghui Hu, Jing Qin, and Dean A. Follmann

pp. 19-26

Estimation of genetic effects incorporating prior information

Ao Yuan, Qizhai Li, Jing Qin, and Gang Zheng

pp. 43-50

A robust test for quantitative trait analysis with model uncertainty in genetic association studies

Qizhai Li, Wenjun Xiong, Jinbo Chen, Gang Zheng, Zhaohai Li, James L. Mills, and Aiyi Liu

pp. 61-68

Approaches to retrospective sampling for longitudinal transition regression models

Sally Hunsberger, Paul S. Albert, and Marie Thoma

pp. 75-85

Trends and patterns of childhood cancer incidence in the United States, 1995–2010

Li Zhu, Linda W. Pickle, Zhaohui Zou, and James Cucinelli

pp. 121-134

Developments and challenges in statistical methods in cancer surveillance

Huann-Sheng Chen, Angela B. Mariotto, Li Zhu, Hyune-Ju Kim, Hyunsoon Cho, and Eric J. Feuer

pp. 135-151