Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 11 (2018)

Number 4


More accurate semiparametric regression in pharmacogenomics

Yaohua Rong, Sihai Dave Zhao, Ji Zhu, Wei Yuan, Weihu Cheng, and Yi Li

pp. 573-580

Valuation of guaranteed unitized participating life insurance under GEV distribution

Haitao Zheng, Junzhang Hao, Manying Bai, and Zhengjun Zhang

pp. 603-614

A latent moving average model for network regression

Rui Pan, Rong Guan, Xuening Zhu, and Hansheng Wang

pp. 641-648

Sampling strategies for conditional inference on multigraphs

Robert D. Eisinger and Yuguo Chen

pp. 649-656

Case-cohort design for accelerated hazards model

Jieli Ding, Xiaolong Chen, Huaying Fang, and Yanyan Liu

pp. 657-668

Additive nonlinear functional concurrent model

Janet S. Kim, Arnab Maity, and Ana-Maria Staicu

pp. 669-685

Prior specifications to handle the monotone likelihood problem in the Cox regression model

Frederico M. Almeida, Enrico A. Colosimo, and Vinícius D. Mayrink

pp. 687-698

Clinical trial design using a stopped negative binomial distribution

Michelle Deveaux, Michael J. Kane, and Daniel Zelterman

pp. 699-707

Jackknife empirical likelihood for the skewness and kurtosis

Yichuan Zhao, Anna Moss, Hanfang Yang, and Yan Zhang

pp. 709-719

Doubly regularized estimation and selection in linear mixed-effects models for high-dimensional longitudinal data

Yun Li, Sijian Wang, Peter X.-K. Song, Naisyin Wang, Ling Zhou, and Ji Zhu

pp. 721-737