Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 12 (2019)

Number 1


A latent spatial piecewise exponential model for interval-censored disease surveillance data with time-varying covariates and misclassification

Yaxuan Sun, Chong Wang, William Q. Meeker, Max Morris, Marisa L. Rotolo, and Jeffery Zimmerman

pp. 11-19

Letter to the Editor

Marco Geraci

pp. 71-75

Spectral clustering-based network community detection with node attributes

Fengqin Tang, Yuanyuan Wang, Jinxia Su, and Chunning Wang

pp. 123-133

Network-incorporated integrative sparse linear discriminant analysis

Xiaoyan Wang, Kuangnan Fang, Qingzhao Zhang, and Shuangge Ma

pp. 149-166

Bayesian modeling and uncertainty quantification for descriptive social networks

Thomas Nemmers, Anjana Narayan, and Sudipto Banerjee

pp. 181-191